About Us

Avani Industries offers a range of modern 3-d LED Hologram Fans, optimized to redefine shows with lively holographic snap shots. Three sizes – 42cm, 65cm and 100cm.

Our three-d LED hologram lovers are designed to create a captivating holographic angle that captures audiences and complements symbolic studying. With glossy LED lighting established on precisely designed cables, they create the phantasm of holographic photographs of extremists flying thru the air, growing an immersive and visually stunning enchantment on The 42cm version is compact and portable, making it ideal for tabletop presentations, retail locations and small occasions. Despite its brief period, it is able to create lovely holographic photographs that are beautiful and make an enduring influence. For larger displays and activities, our 65cm and 100cm patterns will provide instantaneous effect and popularity. These darlings use their giant bows to create especially compelling holographic images and are extra interactive visitors than ever before. Whether utilized in shows, swap suggests, stay performances, or company events, these fierce characters offer a simply unforgettable enjoy. Avani Industries prioritizes each capability and aesthetics, ensuring that our 3-D LED hologram lovers not supply the only tremendous visual pleasure however also decorate the overall atmosphere of any space. The glossy and contemporary design of these radicals blends seamlessly into any placing, while their quiet capability creates an beautiful viewing delight Also, our radicals are designed to be clean to use